Who we are

APFEL is a network association

Working together and exchanging information between countries , the  experience and expertise, between research and practice, between developers and beneficiairies to improve the lives of children in foster care.

Vincent RAMON (France, President),
Robert THEISEN (Luxembourg, Vice President), 
Mireille CHERVAZ (Switzerland, Treasurer),
Frederique LUCET (France, Secretary)
Marie-France LAMBERT (Belgium),

Jane ASQUITH (UK), Nathalie CHAPON (France), Mireille CHERVAZ (Switzerland), Marie-France LAMBERT (Belgium), Monica LOPEZ (Spain), Frederique LUCET (France), Vincent RAMON (France), Robert THEISEN (Luxembourg) ,Bep van SLOTEN (The Netherlands),  


A Fostering Caravan through Europe

APFEL is a European non-for-profit association, born in 2011. APFEL gathers a variety of stakeholders in Foster Care :young people, foster parents, social workers, researchers, academics and policy-makers, united by a common will to exchange, innovate and promote quality care. 
The idea for the network was born among a small group meeting in Paris in  2011 who discussed the lack of exchange between research and practice accross countries. 

Several exchange meetings were organised in Brussels and more people joined when working groups were formed around three agreed topics. In 2012 the Caravan started rolling with the organisation of seminars for a wider public. Working groups present their findings and share innovative methods and tools. The Caravan landed in Paris, France (Theme: Voice of the Child, 2012), Geneva, Switzerland (Theme: Training, 2014), Leiden, The Netherlands (Theme: matching, 2015) Milano (Theme Co-parenting, 2015) and Bergamo, Italy (Theme Voice of the Child, 2015), Lille, France (Theme: Co-parenting and Voice of the Child December 2016).
The next seminar will be in Barcelone, Spain on November 16 and 17 2017! See news page for more information.

APFEL wishes to cooperate and complement the existing (inter)national and European associations on Foster Care and Alternative Care. 



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