Voice of the child and young people

The right to be heard

Children have a right to be heard and their voices must be taken into account at every decision that affects them. (art 19 UNCRC/ art 98 UN Guidelines)

It is important to invlove children and young people in decisionmaking. Training is needed in active listening and communication with young children and young people and tools developed to help in this process.  
Children growing up in foster care need to be supported to enable them to develop their identity and understand their life history and often complex family situations. The working group aims to make available resources accessible for all practitioners across Europe.

What we Achieved

  • Comparison accross Europe
    The working group collects research, practices, tools and research accross Europe helping children and young people to express their opinion, to be listened to and to participate.  We have analysed them and made them accessible for dissemination throughout Europe
  • Dissemination
    The tools  and reserech from the  two seminars held in France and Italy are now shared with other researchers and practitioners . This has led to the development of life books in France and training in the use of some tools in other countries. The working group has  presented these in the seminar in Lille, France ("Sur le fil de "l histoire de vie) in December 2016, .
  • Factsheet
    The group works on a factsheet about the collected research and tools for wider dissemination accross Europe.

Work in progress
Research and good practice models about including children in decisionmaking are being studied and laid down in another factsheet. 
Please send us information about your country to contribute to this work!

Life Books

Life books were collected from Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Research about the importance of life books is presented and discussed. 

They are compared, under different topics, analysed and good ideas discussed. This work  led to the development of a national format for a Lifebook in France that will be launched in Lille in December 2016. It will come with training and the first trainings are already booked.

The group looked at a range of publications and new digital methods  to make life books.

Interactive methods

Interactive methods are collected and described.

My Backpack, The Netherlands (children 5 - 12) www.mybackpack.nll

Triptyque, Belgium (children 4 - 12) email guy.debacker@alterfam;be

Fil Rouge, Belgium 

Mijn Andere Thuis, The Netherlands (young people 12 plus)



Research about Listening to the voices of young people: comping soon






Books for Children

We are collecting titles and shor descriptions from books for children. Please send titles and ISBN numbers to our email address:

The collection will be posted here as pdf at the end of 2016 when the working group completes the work.




Robert Theisen, Chair


Mireille Chervaz Dramé


Marie-France Lambert


Silvio Premoli


Bep van Sloten


Pascal Staquet


Tove Wahlstrom


Nuria Fuentes

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