Seminars available

Join us in our seminars where we exchange new research and usefull practices. The next seminar will be on December 2 and 3 in Lille, France, organised in cooperation with the French Association for Family Placement, ANPF. 
At the occasion of the creation of the new French Lifebook, the first day of the seminar will give you the opportunity to compare the French tool with the Dutch interactive method My Backpack. You will learn about the experience from different countries and from research about listening to children from Luxembourg and Germany. The first day of the seminar will be in French.

The second day of the seminar will be a full day about the art of combined parenthood. Placement in foster care means coping with more than one family. This days presenters from different countries will present their innovative methods to help families and children cope with multiple parenting and roles and responsibilities. This second day will be in French and English.