Mission / Vision


To Promote Quality Foster Care accross Europe

Our mission is to build bridges and ensure that all foster care stakeholders get access to innovative developments, models and practises. We buidl bridges:

  • Between countries, thanks to cooperation 
  • Between cultures and idioms, thanks to bilingualism 
  • Between Research and Practice, thanks to a dialogue between researchers and practitioners, to better adjust research topics to practitioners’ needs and help disseminate their results
  • Between Research, Practice and Policymakers thanks to participation in international lobby and advocacy panels and networks



Children in secure families, their own or foster families

Foster Care is considered as the most appropriate  alternative for children who cannot grow up with their own families. By joining forces and exchange of knowledge and good practises, APFEL works on the development of quality foster care accross Europe, supported by cross-country cooperation, the collection and assessment of innovative practices, the implementation of international guidelines, while respecting cultures, families and children’s rights.

Through seminars, workshops, exchange visits, website, newsletters and peer contact researchers, practitioners, foster families and young people learn new insights and can adjust and apply these in their own country and organisation. 

Our activities are centered around identification and dissemination of best practices, evaluation of innovative practices, access to information, translations, meetings, thematic international working groups and trainings.

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