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Voice of the Child and Young people

This working group collects tools across Europe to promote the right of children and young people to express their opinion, to be listened to and to participate and to help children develop their identity

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This working group reflects on terms and concepts such as co-parenting, plural parenting, plural attachment, double belongings, loyalty conflict to get common understanding and develop innovative practices for the cooperation around the child's needs

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This working group collects useful tools, innovative practices and ressources in order to help raise standards and practices in family foster care and the supporting services, so as to achieve the best possible care for out-of-home children.

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Welcome to Apfel, European foster care

APFEL is a European association founded in 2011. APFEL gathers various stakeholders in foster care : foster parents, youth in care or care leavers, professionals, researchers , policy makers, around a common approach towards quality, innovation and exchange. In this website you will find the results of the work of our working groups, who gathered and developed foster care methods and materials accross Europe and conducted comparative studies.

Under news you will find information about seminars and conferences, new documents and studies and other news about the development of quality foster care to help you improve your work.  

Each country participating in APFEL has a contact person. Join APFEL and contact the person in your country or be the first to join from countries not yet represented! Contact us for more information about membership and participation!

Latest news


BreakDown in foster care: How can we prevent this?

New topic for 2017/2018 for APFEL!

In all countries in our network the unplanned breakdown of placement is a big problem....

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APFEL members meet in Barcelona

November 16 and 17 the members of APFEL MET in Barcelona, Spain.

On the 16th a seminar was organised for over...

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Annual congress ANPF - september 21st, Nancy France

Annual congress of ANPF on a foster care issue. September...

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Join the free 6 weeks MOOC on Alternative Care starting Monday May, 15, 2017 !

Free training through an International Inter-agency MOOC

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About Apfel - France

Frederique Lucet, Chair

Text about Apfel in France. Contact data?

Coordinator Netherlands and member of the working group Voice of the Child

Bep van Sloten

Werk je in de pleegzorg in Nederland? Wordt dan lid van APFEL of maak je organisatie lid. 

Je kunt mij mailen voor meer informatie op bepvansloten@ziggo.nl

Door APFEL kom je in contact met pleegouders, pleegzorgwerkers, onderzoekers en managers van voorzieningen uit andere landen in Europa en kun je veel leren op seminars en in de werkgroepen. 

Coordinator Norway and member working group Voice of the Child

Tove Wahlstrom

Coordinator United Kingdom and member of the working group Quality Foster Care

Jane Asquith

Coordinator Spain

Nuria Fuentes

Coordinator Switzerland

Mireille Chervaz Dramé

Coordinator Luxembourg and Chair of the working group Voice of the Child

Robert Theisen, Chair

Coordinator Bulgaria

Coordinator is Nelli Petrova

Coordinator Italy

Silvio Premoli

Coordinator Belgium

Marie-France Lambert

Where can you find US?

APFEL has members in 10 countries accross Europe. By clicking on the country you will see the name of the country and find information about the national contact person. Your country not green yet? Become a member and join our network!

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